RE-WATER Braunschweig

We invite you to the 5th International Symposium RE-WATER Braunschweig on November 2nd & 3rd, 2015.

The focus of the 5th International Symposium RE-WATER Braunschweig will be on:


The 5th International Symposium RE-WATER Braunschweig focuses on „Integrated Concepts“. Also decentralized and semicentralized system solutions for the urban, agricultural and industrial reuse of water and wastewater are presented.

In addition, theoretical strategies for system integration and models to evaluate wastewater management are discussed as well as innovative practical applications of integrated treatment technologies.

Traditionally, the Symposium “RE-WATER Braunschweig” also addresses actual developments regarding the recovery of resources from wastewater and the treatment of harmful substances, such as anthropogenic trace pollutants e.g. traces of pharmaceuticals.

Detailed timetable

Since 2007 every two years RE-WATER Braunschweig presents current research results on the reuse of water and wastewater, nutrient recovery and closing of energy and material cycles. Also, subjects closely linked to these reuse topics such as questions of hygiene and pollutant loads as well as administrative and legal aspects especially in view of demographic and climatic changes are covered by the Symposium Series RE-WATER Braunschweig.

For more than a hundred years, the irrigation fields in Braunschweig have been operated as a successful wastewater-nutrient-energy recycling system. Precisely for this reason, the city of Braunschweig is predestinated to host a symposium on reuse matters.